Luke Toppin

Hailing from Kingaroy, Australia (best known for its hat weather, red soil, and peanut products), Luke began his studies at the Australian National University in Canberra with the sire of many historical bassoon specialists, Richard H. Mclntyre.

Starting his professional career at the young age of eighteen, Luke began performing on modern bassoon and contrabassoon as a casual with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, and performed often as part of the annual Canberra International Music Festival. lt was here that Luke heard his first live performance on historical instruments and fell in love, forging plans to explore his new found obsession by relocating to the Netherlands.

At the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, with the help of teachers Donna Agrell and Wouter Verschuren, Luke studied the Dulcian, the bassoons of the Baroque and Classical periods, and finally the Classical contrabassoon, selling his much loved (but now neglected) modern bassoon.

Now residing happily in the Netherlands (despite the weather), Luke performs across Europe and with local groups Luthers Bach Ensemble, Ensemble’t Kabinet , and the Orchestra of the 18th century.